VTRIBE -   The V in Vtribe  has a dual meaning.


V is Roman numeral Five, representing the 5 Continents (Americas, Africa, Europe/Asia, Anartica, Australia-Oceana) which make up all the geographic regions of our planet. That connects all of us, the People/Tribes that inhabit planet Earth.


is also the International hand symbol for PEACE,  this being what the planet truly needs in order for us to move forward together cohesively.


Outside of living and breathing. There are 4 main Elements that are greatly appreciated in each of our Worlds that have the ability to establish Peaceful common bonds between strangers, highlighting the fact that we are more alike than we are different.   Music,    Sports,     Entertainment     &     Fashion.


Vtribe’s goal is to utilize these 4 Elements to establish a true Global Neighborhood/Community that brings people together that enjoy the sound of Great Music, the satisfaction of Sports and Entertainment, the look and feel of being Fashionable. With these 4 Elements Vtribe will be creating a interactive cohesive community, allowing family and friends to connect and stay in touch. Along with the introduction and establishing new friendships and sharing the common experiences of each of our daily lives.


Vtribe through its stores and affiliates will be providing exclusive New Music, Videos,  DVD Movies & Documentaries, Video Games and Consoles. One of a kind Recording and Entertainment products and brand name Athletic Gear, Designer  Clothes, Shoes & Bags. At Discount Prices.